The HD series of hopper dryers are the most sffective way of drying pastic materials.  
                    drying directlyat the machine throat eliminates the possibility of contamination or reabsorp-  
                    tion of moisture when transporting from central drying position to the machine hopper.  all  
                    models offer rapid heating,24-hour time and 7-day timer.  
  Magnetic Separator Attaching Seat-M    
   Timer Attach-T    
   Microcomputer Control With Timer-MT    
   Electric temperature controller.    
  Smooth pipe designed to avoid plastic dust.    
  The most effective way of drying plastic materials    
  Two overheat protection devices.    
   Internal parts are made of stainless steel.    
   Hinged construction for easy cleaning.    
Cabinet Dryer
     The CD cabinet drier is suitable for drying all kinds of polymer material,agricultural, food, paint
                 backing,plating.Printing and pharmacy...etc.And is particularly useful in applications where simult-
                 anous drying of different material is required.
   Electronic temperature control offering high    
      degree of accuracy for consistent drying.  
   Heat-sealed door can keep consistent tem-  
      perature inside of machine and minimize  
      power consumption.  
   Stainless steel trays to eliminate risk or  
      consumption during drying.  
   Adjustable Air inlet and Outlet.  
   Overtheat protector.  
   Motor overload protector.  
   Main power switch.  
   Auto timer .  
                      CCD-20                  CCD-9  
  Structure Diagram    
  Working Principle  
        Each cabinet contains removable trays,into which the material to be dried is laid to a depth of up to 50mm,During
              operation,a blower forces air through a heating chamber located on one side of the cabinet,Theheated air then passes
              through a perforated side wall and over the trays of polymer material. As the material dries,the most air is exhausted
              through the other side of the cabinet.
  Standard table