"SUCHIBA"industrial chiller is indispensable for modem industry Manufacturers
are wise to choose, "SUCHIBA"industrial chiller,the mainm fields of application are!!
  Safety System:  
    1.Circuit breaker   1.Employing all-new imported compressor.  
    2.Pump reverse protective lamp   2.Employing superb imported components,  
    3.Pump overload protective lamp      with longer terms of service.  
    4.Comperssor overload protectiv lamp   3.High efficency evaporator and cooling con-  
    5.Heat-exchance fail protective lamp     denser in use,to help save no less that 30%  
    6..Refrigerant shortage protective lamp     of your power rates.     
    7.Freeze protector protective lamp   4.The temperature control adopted micro pr  
    8.Refrigerant.safety valve     ocesser(P.I,D)touchingtype,there is stored  
    9.Buzzer     automatic calculation inside,precise and r-    
    10.High-pressuer gauge     eliable,it can control with 1° C and save el-  
    11.Low-pressuer gauge     ectricity over 35%.  
    12.Water-pressuer gauge(option)   5.Complete with safety protection and error  
    13.Phase failure protecter     indication system.  
    14.By-pass circult
   Features:( Water&Air Cooled Type )  
1."SUCHIBA"Industrial chiller selected European&USA comperessors and Twaiwan water circul-
   ating pump keeping the chiller in low operating cost and low nosy level.
2.Employing superb imported components,with longer terms of service .
3.Precise electronic temperature control system maintain chilled water temperature in the rang
  of +3° C ~+50° C
4.Automatic constant temperature control.Precisely control temperature of the mould.speed the
  products fixed and profit maximization.
5.Water cooled type good design of heat exchanger so that the cooling water has very long flow
  path to take out most of its heat content
6.Air cooled type high efficiency evaporator motor fan and cooling condenser in use,to help save
  no less than 30%of your power rates.
7.Sensible alarm and control system(indude:electronic temperature sensore.current over load
  protector.high&low pressure cut,etc)indicate the operation and alarm status of the chiller.
8.Open type stainless steel water storage thak makes the service&cleaning of the chiller.