Quality Principle:With First-class Quality,Enjoy the Confidence and Satisfaction of Every Customer.

  Quality G o a l :100% Exworks Qulified Rate, 90% Qualified Rate for One-time Test.

  Compared with our counterparts, our company was accredited to ISO 9001 relatively early. Moreover we have established a complete quality-guaranteeing system to perfect various measures for quality control. We have formulated the quality policies and quality objectives in accordance with the practical situation of our enterprise, strictly conducted operation according to our quality-guaranteeing system and ensured the stable improvement of our product quality.

  Our company has persisted in applying the thought, theoretical methods and means of the modern quality management to practical situation of our enterprise. Accordingly we have implemented the general quality monitoring, conducted OC activities and convened quality seminars etc, exercising an active, impelling function on the improvement of product quality.

  Moreover, our company has improved various advanced testing equipment and instruments such as three standard testing instruments, and a length-measuring device to improve our testing level and means without regard to a great cost.

  Before leaving our factory, the integrated machine must undergo a continuous testing operation of scores of hours to eliminate any quality problems occurring in the process, however trivial they may be, assure that the customers are satisfied with our product quality.