Automation instant Recycling Equipment
30 Second Indtant Recycling System Principle:
    The 30 second instant recycling system offers a simple
economical way to mix regrind and virgin material back to
processing machine by means of ablast of compressed air
or the blowwer.the system has been designed to avoid mat-
erial oxidizing and absorbing water which may cause the
color and physical change of the products.
Money Savingsave wastage,labor,management,storage,
pirchasing fee and charges.
Crusher & Automation Instant Recycling Equipment CY Series
   Time Saving:Recycling in 30seconds
   Higher Quality:No reabsorb of moisture & no oxidation as recycling
     when the runner is still hot .
   Money Saving:save wastage,labor,management,storage,
     pirchasing fee and charges.
   Ratio Mixing:Useing with our ratio mixing seat.New material
     granulated material can mix in proportion.


Ratio Mixer
Crusher+Ratio Mixer+Material Tank
Strong Crusher
  Heavy Duty Cutting Mills For Recycle Of Synthetic Resins.  
   Flat scissors type blade are axailable for choose to granulate different kind of materials .  
   Permanent and strong manget on hoopper enterance.  
   Double skin noisy attenuation system,iperating low noise.  
   Special design structure for lager scrap material.  
   Medium speed motor design provides low power,consummation, high efficiency output.  
   Long life chrome steel blades.  
   Factory installed power interlock system and motor over-load protector weee disigned     
     to safe guard normal operation.  
  Detachable hopper,crush room,cutter,filter screen foreen for easy cleaning and keeping.      
  Build in water coolingsystem for large models.  
  CK Series:    
        Flat Blade
         Flat Blade
        φ4,6,8,10,12and 16mm  
  CSC Series:    
             Staggered Blade
        Paddle Blade
           Paddle Blade