Time setting can be controlledeasily and  
      precisely in the range of 012minutes.  
   Factory installed power interlock system  
     & motor overload protector are designed to  
     safe guard mormal operation as well as safe  
     maintenance service.  
   Durable multi stage gear system prolong  
      the life of drive motor.  
   Easy assembly and detachable stainless  
     steel container cover&blade are designed  
     for easy cleaning&maintenance.  
   The material is thick,strong and durable.  
  CVM-50 CTM-50

CTM Series-Tumber Mixer

   CVM Series-Vertical Mixer   CHM Series-Horizontal Mixer  

 Easy to operate,compact

   Agitating blades can be easy         container can be tumbled  
       sized to save space    removed out and cleaning        for easy loading and cleaing  
  Tumbel Mixer  
  High Speed Vertical Mixer  
  Horizontal Mixer