1.Main circuit breaker   1.The temperature control adopted micro processer
    2.Pump reverse protective lamp      (P.I.D)touchingtype, there is stored automatic ca-  
    3.Oil shortage lamp      lulation inside,precise and reliable, it can control  
    4.Overheat thermostat lamp      with 1 °c and saveelectricity over 35%  
    5.Pump overload protective lamp   2.Employing unique design more faster temperature  
    6.Alarm indicating system      rise,stble and preventing denaturing of the heat m-  
    7.Buzzer      edium oil.  
    8.Phase failure protective lamp   3.Employing a flow system design that is unique in  
    9.By-pass circuit      this country.easy operation and easy maintenance.
    10.Auto relif when over-pessure(model w)   4.Employing superb imported components, with lo-  
    11.Auto supply water system(model w)      nger terms of service.  
    12.Auto drain air system(model o)   5.Complete with safety protection and error  
    13.Heat insulation      indication system.  
    14.Inlet temperature digital display meter(option)   6.Medium circalation pipe with stainless steel .  
  Water Type-safety Protect System  
  Auto drain air system (model o)   1.The temperature control adopted Japanese ,
  Auto supply watersystem(model w)   Germany,Taiwan.precise and reliable,it can co-
  Auto relif when over-pessure(model w)   ntrol within±1C and save electricity over 35%
  Main circuit-breaker   2.Two sets of electric heater which can be used
  Pump reverse protect and direct lamp   jointly or independent of each other
  Pump overload protect and direct lamp   3.Electric heater cylinder made from stainless
  Alam overload protect and direct lamp   steel
  Phase failure protecter   4.Employing superb imported components,with
  By-pass circuit   longer terms of service.
  Inlet temperatore digital display meter (option)   5.Rapid heating and cool off speeds,temp kept
  Water shortage protect and direct lamp   stable at all times.
  Oil shortag protect and direct lamp   6.Complete with safety protection and error
  Buzzer   indication system.